How to Solder Circuit Boards


Electromagnetism is difficult to learn.  Applying the concepts of these physics principles in the real world is even tougher though!  Once you understand how the systems of voltage, current, resistance, watts, work amongst each other, applying these principles will help you start building your own circuits.  Here we will discuss some of the basics of soldering your own circuit board, but make sure, you understand the principles behind what is discussed here beforehand. It will make learning how to solder your first circuit board much easier!

Soldering is a useful tool to have in your back pocket no matter what industry you are in.  Whether you are an IT technician, plumber, provide a roofing service, or any other contracting services.  Soldering can save your tail in several different situations.

First and foremost, we must consider the soldering iron that we are going to use.  For most circuit boards, it is recommended to use around a twenty-five or thirty watt iron.  These irons come with both thick and thin tips.  While for some projects you will use thick tips, for your first basic circuit board, it will be best to use a thin tip iron.

Now that we have figured out what iron to use, lets consider what type of solder to use.  For your first project, it is recommended to use the Kester Solder, preferably of 1 millimeter in length.  If this is your first experience soldering a circuit board, the Kester331 is recommended because it is easy to wash with just your everyday faucet water.

Use a copper circuit board, and try to make sure that it is clean.  Dirty or drab copper will make soldering much more difficult.  If however you must use a less than spectacular piece of copper, try to clean it off with a basic pink eraser.

It is absolutely critical that your copper board is as sparkling as possible, because this is what will help you get a good soldering connection!  A dirty or muddy board will have more random particles or debris that will be in the way of creating a strong connection.  In the same vein, your soldering tip should be as sharp and clean as possible, as a dirty tip will also get in the way of making a good connection.  During the soldering process make sure that your soldering tip is consistently shiny and never black or dirty.  Have a towel with you the whole time to constantly wipe off your tip.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you are ready to solder your very first circuit board.  Move your shiny tip against one of the wire sides (it does not matter which side you do first), while pressing on the board and other side of the wire, thus stimulating similar amounts of heat into both wires.  In the next step, you will repeat this same process, but with the other side of the wire.  If this step is done correctly, what should happen is that the copper from the board and the heated wire will fuse together and actually melt the solder rapidly.  The heat should flow quickly into the soldering hinge.  Heating any part of this circuit for too long will damage either the board or your wire, thus destroying your first soldered circuit board.

When you are ready to clean up, use a solder sucker.  Remember that soldering a circuit board can be extremely difficult, and that the only way you can really get good at this process, is practice!  Go over these tips as you try to solder your first board.  As you become more advanced you will find that you prefer a different type of solder for example.  Good luck!

CCTV Cameras: RG59 or Cat5e?

Close-up of a human hand mounted TV connector for coaxial cable

Analog cameras have long paved the landscape of security cameras.  It wasn’t so long ago that 420TVL was the standard in small businesses and homes.  Just a few years ago, 700TVL became a minimum acceptable resolution. Even low level camera systems started phasing out the lower resolution systems recently.

On a commercial level, digital has been in play for several years and have recently become the standard for even small business and home security systems as you can see at

Coming in at the low level on the spectrum of IP cameras is 1.3MP.  This is 1280×1024 resolution.  It is suitable for homes and small businesses without long distances.  This is recommended for those on a budget but want high quality.

2.1MP is the next level up and is more commonly known as 1080p.  This resolution is 1920×1080.  Your TV probably shows this resolution.  Now, keep in mind, it will not be a picture as clear as HD channels you watch.  But this is the minimum power I would recommend for an industrial building where each cameras must see up to 100 feet.  If the facility is larger, then an upgrade might be appropriate.

3MP, 5MP, and 6MP are the next most reasonable steps up.  There are other resolutions in-between and stronger ones, but for the sake of this article, we will keep it simple.  If you are putting a security camera system in a large warehouse, you might want to consider stepping it up to some of the higher powered cameras such as these so that you can identify someone 200 feet away.

Another type of camera that you should consider if wanting to most efficient are the cameras with fish-eye lenses.  These cameras can cover a very wide area with less units. If your warehouse is large, placing 1 or two of these in the middle of the main open space would be ideal.

Shopping for Small Electrical Appliances Online Makes Sense

It really isn’t that long ago when, if shopping for a new toaster or kettle, there was no alternative to a trip to the shops. And after trawling around several department stores and electrical retailers, the chances were that we could still be none the wiser.

Some retailers reinforced the general view that one small appliance was very much like the next, and that the choice was really about which manufacturer we preferred. There are groups of people who prefer Russell Hobbs over Morphy Richards, for example, while there are others who will settle for nothing less than a Breville toaster, or a Rowenta kettle.

Online electrical stores make it easy to find a particular manufacturer’s products, with individual pages dedicated to them for quick reference. Now, however, the internet takes the process of narrowing down the choice so much further. Comparison of these products is now just as easy as for much larger purchases as a number of products can be lined up on the same page alongside each other, with an illustration and detailed specification chart. This makes searching for just the right appliance more thorough, as well as far quicker.

Electrical kitchen appliances

Electrical kitchen appliances

Online stores put the important facts about a product right in front of us, and even allow us to compare like with like. That means every product available can be checked to ensure that its features exactly match the customer’s requirements.

The great beauty of shopping in this way for a toaster or kettle is that the retailer doesn’t need to incur the large overheads involved in having physical stores, with extensive product displays, and the staff to explain about each and every product.

Shopping online for a toaster or kettle simply pares the buying process back to presenting the important facts about a product, and then leaving the final decision over which model to choose squarely in the customer’s hands. This means that there is no extra pressure from sales staff that might be looking to influence the choice of product because they might earn extra incentives for steering their customers towards a particular brand or model. So the choice becomes that of the individual buyer, who can make an informed decision, and take advantage of exclusive discounts offered by their favoured website

There are a range of electrical appliances available online including discount laptops and some of the leading digital camera deals on the market.

How to Select Electric Room Heater


Initial, do not pursue large energy. automobile flywheel assembly It can be wrong of you to assume that the larger the energy of electric room heater, the better the impact. flywheel assembly Blindly pursue the big energy not only induce waste money but simply cause journey and the electric place heater be burned out. ring gears So you might select the most proper kind instead of attach a lot significance to the power.

Usually, the little sun style of much infrared ray electrical room heater can heating when you connect the source additionally, the cost is low cost, however the warmth is challenging to distribute so this fit for personal heating. The heating region of fan heater is modest however it can heating when you connect the source additionally, the internal part still includes a restrict unit which may immediately conduct energy failure and automatically modify the temperature, so this sort is suitable for becoming employed in the bathroom this sort of little rooms.

The oil crammed heat emitter can modify the energy by choosing the sum of the cooling fin also, the internal part has temperature manage element can instantly conduct power failure and constantly keep warm so this kind can be used for the 10-20 square meters of residing space. In case that it can be a 25 square meters of residing place, European form of heating stove or European type of oil stuffed radiator or electro thermal movie electric space heater is offered.

European heating stove adopted convection type warmth and it may quickly rise temperature but cannot maintain the temperature; The European kind of oil filled radiator can rise temperature speedily and has an effective effect on warmth preservation in conjunction with a humidifier which may remote manage and fixed time however the price is larger.

Second, do not effortlessly think the publicity.In recent times, many the electric area heater factories ballyhoo advertise the health care perform of product. The method of aerofilter and damaging ion decontamination air are wildly employed in PTC ceramics space heater and various electrical energy warm stoves furthermore added humidifier equipment. The professional advised that the client really should not believe effortlessly the publicity due to the fact the electric space heater is not medical therapy apparatus.


Third, do not pursue very low price.Numerous consumers get very low value as the principal index of purchasing products, nevertheless, some people don’t understand that the electric place heater with decrease value might be adopted inferior accessory. Get oil filled radiator e . g .. The industry insider unveiled that certain factories change the internal line for familiar wire additionally, the outer shell steel plate adopted familiar metal plate with out installing heat protection gear and decrease the heater sheet etcetera, this approaches doubtlessly hide some danger for family members security.

Voltage, Amperage, and Watts


Electromagnetism is one of the more difficult subjects to understand in the world of physics.  Still it can be quite beneficial to understand just how electricity works, to know what does and does not conduct electricity, to know how batteries work, or how your home is wired up.  Though most families have electricians to make sure all of these things are properly taken care of, lets walk through some of the basics so that you know some of the basics of electromagnetism.

Voltage is the unit that indicates the amount of charge between any two points.  Generally in physics equations this is noted as a delta V, which indicates the difference in electric charge between any two points.  More specifically though, what actually exists between these two points is potential energy.  This form of potential energy is electric charge.  The unit of voltage, because it is an energy source, is measured in the unit Joule.  Voltage is often indicated by an electromotive force in physics circuit problems.  These problems frequently denote how many houses are actually wired in the real world.  Voltage is often what is given to a battery.  In this case, the equation V=IR usually is expressed.  What this means is that the Voltage = the current(I) multiplied by the Resistance(R).  Knowing the value of any two of these variables will allow you to figure out the value of the other.  Resistance is also very important in electromagnetism because a resistor is able to resist the flow of current and keep it down to a manageable level.

Current is the term we use for the flow of charge, of the flow of electrons through a circuit.  A current is what causes our lights, televisions, and all other appliances plugged into outlets, to turn on.  Now the current that we are talking about here is discussed in terms of Amperes, or Amps.  The more current we have flowing through a system, the more powerful for instance the electric circuit we have created.  For instance, if you have a battery with a lot of voltage, essentially a very strong battery, with very little resistance, we will have a high value for our current.  If you think about this with the equation V=IR, a high V and low R-value will give you a high I value.  Thinking more traditionally outside of the equation, it makes sense that a stronger battery would produce a stronger current.

Watt is the term we use to indicate power.  There are many derivations of the V=IR equation we can use to determine power, or wattage.  In layman’s terms, power is what indicates the flow of energy over time, or the rate of doing “work” in the physics world.  Power=V^2/R, or I^2*R are both equations that will indicate the power of a circuit for us.  This is essentially telling us the strength of our circuit, in the unit of Watts.

It is important to realize that these circuits are all made up of systems that are put together in series or in parallel.  Being in series means that all the pieces of your circuit are connected together, so basically if one thing turns on, everything turns on.  Most houses are wired in parallel though, which is beneficial because not every appliance you have is connected to each other.  In fact, it is actually the opposite: none of your appliances should be wired together.  What this means is that if there is a busted part of your circuit, your whole house won’t lose power, but maybe just one light will for example.  Otherwise if one of your lights went out, all the entire circuit that runs your house would go out, and you would be without electricity!

5 Signs Its Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

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Having to call a 24 hour emergency electrical service in San Diego is never a good thing in your home.  There can be hundreds of problems with your electrical system and it’s a complicated system.  There are lots of circuit breaks to concern with as well as lots of electrical stuff that needs to be handled with care.  However, how can you tell when you need to get in a professional?  Here are the 5 signs it’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical panel.

Constant Faulty Wiring with Older Homes

If you have an older home that hasn’t seen any rewiring work done in a very long time, then it may be time to look at the electrical system closely.  You may have faulty wiring somewhere within the home which may be a massive problem because it can lead to all sorts of problems including electrical fires.  This is of course something you do not want so when you see the signs of faults, you need to upgrade your home.  However, what are the signs?

  1. Burning Smells from the Outlets.
  2. A Shock When Turning Appliances On.
  3. Dim Lights.
  4. Flickering Of the Lights.

These are the things you must watch out for and if you see them, it’s time to upgrade.

Adding New Big Appliances in Your Home

An electrician will tell you that it’s time to upgrade the home’s electrical panel when you are bringing new items into the home.  Now, this means big items such as refrigerators and Jacuzzis; if you’re just adding a new toaster it’s not necessary however, big items may need up to date electrical systems.  Some amps in the circuit breakers might not actually reach the home’s electrical needs which means the power could go out when you turn on some items.  When this happens, it’s the time to upgrade.

Problems with Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Calling out a 24 hour emergency electrical service San Diego just to change the fuses in your home can tell you a lot about the electrical system.  To be honest, it could be time for an upgrade to circuit breakers.  Of course, fuses and breakers are similar because they do the same job with the exception that the breakers can be flipped on again when they go out whereas fuses cant.  You may consider upgrading.

Having Power Cords Run Across the Home

Having hundreds of power cords and cables running all over the house is a bad idea.  If you do have all of these things then you have to think about upgrading the electrical system.  It may very well be the time for you to stop calling an electrician and actually updating things and quickly.

Shortages Cutting Out Your Power

If you find you have plugged in one little household appliance and everything goes out, it’s time to think about upgrading.  The reason why is simply because if the power outlet cannot handle the voltage its time the system is upgraded.  This can be important to avoid fires and shortages; and you may have trouble with your wiring so it needs to be checked quickly.

Making the Changes Quickly

If you do spot any of the above signs, then it may be time for you to consider upgrading and updating the electrical panel.  There may not be big problems even if these problems arise but you can never tell what may be around the corner.  It will be very important to look into upgrading the home and ensuring you don’t need to call out a 24 hour emergency electric service in San Diego for a long time.

4 Tips to Improve Your Electrical System

Electrical - Aluminum wiring

There are great 24 hour emergency electrical services here in San Diego- but let’s face it, these stoic men and women are a bit like the doctor and dentist, we don’t want to see them if we can help it!

Just like with the medical professions, a bit of preventative care can keep the need for an emergency electrical service at bay- and it can be just as much of a lifesaver, too. Follow these 4 great tips below to improve and maintain your electrical system

• Warning: Circuit Overload in progress. [Not].

• Maintain your electronics- maintenance is better than cure, always.

• Build with your electrical and wiring needs in mind.

• Surge protectors will save you a fortune

Warning: Circuit Overload in progress. [Not].

It’s funny when you hear it in a video game, not so much when it’s your own house. These days, where every modern household has a full stable of electric devices, all with their own plugs, wires, cables and what-nots, it’s vital to make sure the electrical draw in your household is well balanced. Spread particularly power-hungry devices [dryers are a classic example, as are kettles] over several circuits, and avoid overburdening just the one. That way, you’ll avoid the risks of blowing fuses- or worse, visit shorting out your wiring and risking a fire in the process- and you’ll be able to rest assured that your household power burden is well balanced and the electrician kept at bay.

Maintain your electronics- maintenance is better than cure, always.

Keeping your appliances and in-built electronics like air conditioners and furnaces well serviced will not only make them run easier on the pocket book, but it will ease the electric burden too. Be sure in particular to service the filters of anything requiring one- air cons, furnaces, dryers etc- are kept clean and maintained, as the extra strain of drawing through a clogged filter will make their electrical burden higher and can lead to severe issues with your wiring and the appliance itself.

Old and damaged appliances will use more electricity then their newer counterparts, but servicing units regularly and repairing damaged electrical goods correctly will close that gap considerably.

Build with your electrical and wiring needs in mind.

If you’re lucky enough to be laying down a new wiring and cable system, or undergoing serious renovations, keep a few things in mind:

• It helps to build for the future, and mindfully add on provision for future wiring needs. Be sure to build to last, too. A little extra spent now could save you thousands on an emergency electrical service later.

• On a similar note, make sure all devices and wiring are rated for 20 amps at least. Modern electric goods are only getting more requirements, not less. Try and get a load calculation for the house, too.

Electrical - Aluminum wiring

Surge protectors will save you a fortune

Install surge protectors throughout the house. Don’t forget the phone lines and other cables. These units are rather inexpensive, and will save thousands in damage and appliances in the event of lightning strikes

These simple tips will help keep your electrical system in great shape. Look for an electrical service in San Diego to assess your system if you have any concerns, too.